What Is E Liquid? Here’s What You Should Know

eliquidingrediantsIf this is your first time to hear about e liquid, the only thing you really need to know is that it’s the one thing that makes an electronic cigarette what it is AND it’s what makes the “vaping” experience possible. In other words, e liquid is the content inside the cartridge of electronic cigarettes.

There are many stores out there that specialize in selling e liquid. At one website we visited, the average price for a bottle was at £5.75 for 10ml. A 30ml bottle costs £14.50 while a 120ml bottle costs £47.50.

We clicked on options and found that we can actually choose the nicotine strength as well as the vegetable glycerin (VG) level. VG is actually the main ingredient in e liquid which thickens the liquid and produces the vapor. While it’s not able to carry flavor very well like Propylene Glycol does, it produces more vapor and thus make you vape more.

When choosing e liquid, it’s very important that you decide on the nicotine content (from no nicotine to high nicotine) and the VG level. A high VG level will produce more vapor but will mute the flavor of the liquid.