Is Buying Your Own ELiquid A Good Alternative To Refills?

e-liquidDo you use an e cigarette? If yes, you have probably noticed that the refills represent a recurring purchase. If you need to save money, you should consider using eliquid instead of buying new refills. Keep reading to learn more about this alternative.

The cartridges or refills you use with your e cigarette are filled with a solution that is highly concentrated in nicotine. When you take a puff from your e cigarette, a very small quantity of that liquid is mixed with some water vapor. This is what gives the vapor its rich taste and nicotine content.

E-liquid, also called e-juice, is the solution you will find inside of the cartridges. Instead of throwing away an empty cartridge and replacing it with a new one, you could simply fill the cartridge with more of the e-liquid. Compare the price of the cartridges with the cost of a small bottle of e-liquid and you will see that the e-liquid is a much more affordable option.
There is a downside to refilling your cartridges yourself. The main issues is that the e-liquid contains a high quantity of nicotine. This liquid could be toxic if ingested by a young child or a pet. You need to be very careful and always keep the e-liquid out of reach of children and pets. You should also clean the surface you used to refill your cartridges in case a small quantity of the e-liquid was dropped.

You can avoid issues by handling the e-liquid very carefully. Wear gloves if you are worried about staining your hands or make sure you wash your hands carefully when you are done. Be careful not to touch your eyes or your mouth while you work on refilling the cartridges. It is best to purchase high quality equipment so refilling the cartridges is easy.
Keep in mind that refilling a low quality cartridge is not a good option. Some cartridges are simply not designed to last and might end up leaking, which means the e liquid could come in contact with children or pets. If you want to use e liquid, choose a quality product that is easy to refill and designed to last. Take the time to read reviews on different devices before you purchase one so you can avoid low quality products.

Buying cartridges gives you access to a wider selection of flavors and nicotine concentration. If you want to smoke an e cigarette to quit smoking, you might enjoy experiencing with different flavors or might need to gradually reduce the concentration of nicotine in the refills you smoke. Buying a bottle of e liquid means you will be smoking the same thing for a long period of time. This is ideal if you do not want to try different flavors or do not plan on changing the nicotine concentration of the e liquid you smoke.

In the end, e liquid is an excellent choice if you want to save money and do not mind taking the time to refill the cartridges yourself. It might be best to buy cartridges if you need to child-proof your home or need a great variety.


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