Can You Save Money By Using E Liquid Refills?

different kinds of e-cigsE-cigarettes have become extremely popular as a smoking cessation device. However, many people are still reluctant to give electronic cigarettes a go because, at first glance, the cost seems prohibitive. Yet if you look at the ongoing costs, using the device is not as expensive as it can appear. Once you have made the initial outlay for the electronic cigarettes, the only expense is buying the liquid to refill it.

There are several different kinds of e-cigs, and how you refill the liquid will depend on what type of device you have purchased. Some e-cigarettes are created with convenience in mind, but refilling the e-liquid will cost a little more as you buy a new cartridge each time. If you are trying to save money then there are cheaper alternatives, but refilling your device may take a little more time and effort. Here are your options.

Atomizer Electronic Cigarettes

This best selling electronic cigarette is almost effortless to refill. Rather than the user having to handle the e-liquid, it is simply contained in a cartridge which can be popped straight into the device. You will need to replace this cartridge approximately every 5 cigarettes that you smoke, which can make this the most expensive type of e-cig in the long term.

Cartomizer E-Cigs

For a cheaper option, you should purchase a device which allows you to buy a bottle of e-liquid and do the refilling yourself. Modern cartomizer cigarettes are designed to give users the option to refill them, although you can also purchase them ready filled. You add the e-liquid by unscrewing the cap and adding roughly 15 to 20 drops. The cap is then replaced and you screw the cartomizer into the battery.
Tank Atomizer E-Cigs

Tank atomizer electronic cigarettes aren’t quite as popular as other devices, but they are worth looking for if you want to save money. They are similar to regular atomizer devices, but you refill the empty cartridge yourself using a bottle of e-liquid, rather than buying them ready filled. As long as you are careful not to spill the liquid as you top up the cartridge, a bottle should last you for several refills.

Drip Method E-Cigs

Drip method electronic cigarettes are designed purely for use with e-liquid – there is no option to use a prefilled cartridge. The mouthpiece can be removed, and the e-liquid is carefully dripped directly into the atomizer. With this type of device you need to be extremely vigilant and check to see when the e-liquid is running low. If it is allowed to run dry then the coil may burn, and you will have to pay to replace the electronic cigarette. Conversely, you must also be careful not to add too much liquid as it will affect the performance of the device – carefully pour some of the liquid back into the bottle if you overfill the atomizer.

Using a bottle of e-liquid to refill your electronic cigarettes is by far a more cost effective option. Although your first few attempts may seem fiddly, you will find refilling your device soon becomes second nature.


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