What You Should Look For When Purchasing An E-Cigarette

E-cig-607180When you want to switch to e cigarettes that you can get, there are a number of different points that you should look at.  These points will help you choose the e-cigarette that is right for you.  If you are not using the right e-cigarette then you are not going to feel the full benefits of these devices.

1. The E-Cigarette Manufacturer

The first factor you must consider before purchasing an electronic cigarette is the manufacturer.  There are certain manufacturers that are more reputable than others.  Getting the device from a reputable manufacturer is very important.  Cheap electronic cigarettes could contain harmful ingredients that negate the health benefits that you should be getting.  You will also find that the devices are not as durable and could end up costing you more than you expect.

2. The E-Cigarette Design

The second point to consider is the design of the e-cigarette.  There are two common designs that are used and they are the two-piece and the three-piece.  The two-piece designs are better for people who are new to electronic cigarettes.  This is due to the fact that you will just need to attach the battery to the cartridge.  With the three-piece design you are going to have to keep track of the atomizer and whether or not you can still use it.  You will also have to connect all three parts and ensure that they are working correctly.

3. The E-Cigarette Casing

The casing of the electronic cigarette should also be considered.  There are a lot of manufacturers who make electronic cigarettes that look like regular cigarettes.  If you want to go down this route you have to verify this.  There are other e-cigarette makers who have different casing to make the device appear more modern.

When you look at the casing you have to consider what will be most comfortable for you.  If you are comfortable with the traditional looking cigarette then you should get one of those.  However, if you are looking for something a bit different then you should consider one of the other devices that do not have this type of casing.

You should also look at whether or not the casing is easy to hold.  There are many people who find that the device is heavier on one side and this can make it difficult to hold.  Heavy devices can put you off wanting to use them and you need to consider this.

4. The E-Cigarette Starter Kit

When you fist purchase an electronic cigarette you need to get a starter kit.  You need to ensure that the starter kit has everything that you need.  You should also ensure that you are getting value for your money.  The starter kit needs to have the electronic cigarette, a charger, a battery and a number of cartridges.  Some starter kits will have more in the way of accessories than others.  When you look at the kits you need to determine what you actually need and what you don’t need.  Never pay for something that you are not going to be using.


E Cigarettes – Obtaining The Best Prices

ecigarettes-ukElectronic cigarettes have truly revolutionized the way that people smoke today. Instead of using the archaic practice of using tobacco which is processed with chemicals which have led to millions of people having lung cancer, you can get your nicotine using these electronic devices that are half the price. Not only are they less expensive, they are safer to use, and despite the fact that they still use nicotine which is addicting, they are much more healthy, and can literally help people stop smoking after every other product or tactic designed to help them eliminate cigarettes from the life has failed. Here’s how you can find the cheapest e cigs that are available today, allowing you to start on the path toward a tobacco free existence.

How Do You Electronic Cigarettes Work?

Electronic cigarettes are very simple devices, some of which actually look like regular cigarettes. There are two components, one of which is long and white like the end of the cigarette where the tobacco is typically contained, whereas this is what is called the atomizer. This is the device that is charged and actually vaporizes the liquid that is to be inhaled that has the nicotine. The other part contains this eliquid which has different flavors and when you inhale on the end, it activates the atomizer, allowing you to inhale the vapors of only nicotine, flavoring and water vapor.

Prices For Electronic Cigarettes

The prices are going to be about half what you would pay for the same amount of nicotine that you would get from a regular cigarette. The initial cost can actually be minimal, even though you are getting all of the chargers that are necessary to recharge the atomizer on either your computer or an outlet. Once you get used to how these work, it will allow you to quickly recharge a couple at a time, so you are never without your nicotine. Best of all, you’ll save money, and have a healthier way of getting the nicotine that your body craves.

All you have to do a search on the web, and you will quickly find an assortment of vendors that sell ecigs every day. Compare the prices in the different brands that sell these products, and choose your first starter package to get started toward a healthier life without regular cigarettes that could inevitably compromise your health.


Can You Save Money By Using E Liquid Refills?

different kinds of e-cigsE-cigarettes have become extremely popular as a smoking cessation device. However, many people are still reluctant to give electronic cigarettes a go because, at first glance, the cost seems prohibitive. Yet if you look at the ongoing costs, using the device is not as expensive as it can appear. Once you have made the initial outlay for the electronic cigarettes, the only expense is buying the liquid to refill it.

There are several different kinds of e-cigs, and how you refill the liquid will depend on what type of device you have purchased. Some e-cigarettes are created with convenience in mind, but refilling the e-liquid will cost a little more as you buy a new cartridge each time. If you are trying to save money then there are cheaper alternatives, but refilling your device may take a little more time and effort. Here are your options.

Atomizer Electronic Cigarettes

This best selling electronic cigarette is almost effortless to refill. Rather than the user having to handle the e-liquid, it is simply contained in a cartridge which can be popped straight into the device. You will need to replace this cartridge approximately every 5 cigarettes that you smoke, which can make this the most expensive type of e-cig in the long term.

Cartomizer E-Cigs

For a cheaper option, you should purchase a device which allows you to buy a bottle of e-liquid and do the refilling yourself. Modern cartomizer cigarettes are designed to give users the option to refill them, although you can also purchase them ready filled. You add the e-liquid by unscrewing the cap and adding roughly 15 to 20 drops. The cap is then replaced and you screw the cartomizer into the battery.
Tank Atomizer E-Cigs

Tank atomizer electronic cigarettes aren’t quite as popular as other devices, but they are worth looking for if you want to save money. They are similar to regular atomizer devices, but you refill the empty cartridge yourself using a bottle of e-liquid, rather than buying them ready filled. As long as you are careful not to spill the liquid as you top up the cartridge, a bottle should last you for several refills.

Drip Method E-Cigs

Drip method electronic cigarettes are designed purely for use with e-liquid – there is no option to use a prefilled cartridge. The mouthpiece can be removed, and the e-liquid is carefully dripped directly into the atomizer. With this type of device you need to be extremely vigilant and check to see when the e-liquid is running low. If it is allowed to run dry then the coil may burn, and you will have to pay to replace the electronic cigarette. Conversely, you must also be careful not to add too much liquid as it will affect the performance of the device – carefully pour some of the liquid back into the bottle if you overfill the atomizer.

Using a bottle of e-liquid to refill your electronic cigarettes is by far a more cost effective option. Although your first few attempts may seem fiddly, you will find refilling your device soon becomes second nature.


Is Buying Your Own ELiquid A Good Alternative To Refills?

e-liquidDo you use an e cigarette? If yes, you have probably noticed that the refills represent a recurring purchase. If you need to save money, you should consider using eliquid instead of buying new refills. Keep reading to learn more about this alternative.

The cartridges or refills you use with your e cigarette are filled with a solution that is highly concentrated in nicotine. When you take a puff from your e cigarette, a very small quantity of that liquid is mixed with some water vapor. This is what gives the vapor its rich taste and nicotine content.

E-liquid, also called e-juice, is the solution you will find inside of the cartridges. Instead of throwing away an empty cartridge and replacing it with a new one, you could simply fill the cartridge with more of the e-liquid. Compare the price of the cartridges with the cost of a small bottle of e-liquid and you will see that the e-liquid is a much more affordable option.
There is a downside to refilling your cartridges yourself. The main issues is that the e-liquid contains a high quantity of nicotine. This liquid could be toxic if ingested by a young child or a pet. You need to be very careful and always keep the e-liquid out of reach of children and pets. You should also clean the surface you used to refill your cartridges in case a small quantity of the e-liquid was dropped.

You can avoid issues by handling the e-liquid very carefully. Wear gloves if you are worried about staining your hands or make sure you wash your hands carefully when you are done. Be careful not to touch your eyes or your mouth while you work on refilling the cartridges. It is best to purchase high quality equipment so refilling the cartridges is easy.
Keep in mind that refilling a low quality cartridge is not a good option. Some cartridges are simply not designed to last and might end up leaking, which means the e liquid could come in contact with children or pets. If you want to use e liquid, choose a quality product that is easy to refill and designed to last. Take the time to read reviews on different devices before you purchase one so you can avoid low quality products.

Buying cartridges gives you access to a wider selection of flavors and nicotine concentration. If you want to smoke an e cigarette to quit smoking, you might enjoy experiencing with different flavors or might need to gradually reduce the concentration of nicotine in the refills you smoke. Buying a bottle of e liquid means you will be smoking the same thing for a long period of time. This is ideal if you do not want to try different flavors or do not plan on changing the nicotine concentration of the e liquid you smoke.

In the end, e liquid is an excellent choice if you want to save money and do not mind taking the time to refill the cartridges yourself. It might be best to buy cartridges if you need to child-proof your home or need a great variety.